Genre Adult Book Lists

Apocalypse Now! Dystopian Fiction:  Dystopian fiction is the creation of an utterly horrible or degraded  futuristic society that is generally headed to an irreversible oblivion, or dystopia.

Cozies: Find out "who dunnit" with these cozy mysteries.

Fantasy Picks: Escape from the ordinary into magical and supernatural worlds with these titles.

Graphic Memoirs: Graphic memoirs are nonfiction graphic novels (or comics) that tell an autobiographical or semi-autobiographical story.

Hard Science Fiction: Want more science in your science fiction? Expand your universe with these titles.

Horrific Crimes:  For something truly spine-tingling, check out one of these books  featuring a horrific crime (includes fiction and true crime).

Humor: Laugh out loud with these great reads!

Little-known but good mysteries: Are you an avid mystery reader need fresh blood? Check out some of these lesser-known mysteries!

More and more mystery series!: More mysteries for you to solve! All titles in this list are first in a series.

Poetry: Enjoy these collections of poetry for thought on life, love, and the world.

Romance Fiction Picks: These books will set your heart fluttering and renew your faith in true love.

Science Fiction Picks: These imaginative stories include forays into futuristic science, technology space travel, and more.

Spies and Assassins! Do you enjoy spy fiction or espionage thrillers (and have already read everything by John Le Carré? Check out some of these great reads!

A Touch of Fantasy:  These titles all have small elements of fantasy but are not considered  fantasy in general. Dabble in fantasy with a title from this list.

Travel Writing: Want to travel but don't have the time? Vacation at home with these memorable works of faraway places and people.