Current Notices

Current Tree Work NoticesIMG_6672

Notices for tree work go out to all the neighbors within 300 ft. radius to inform them that someone applied for a tree work permit. Tree work permits are required for pruning of more than 25 percent of the tree or cutting down a tree of more than 22 inches in diameter at breast height. Notices contain an arborist report supplemented by photos of the tree. Notices stay active for 10 days. 

If you have received a tree work notice and would like to object to the proposed work, please mail, email, or drop off your letter of concern to the Public Works Department within 10 days.


Mailing Address: Department of Public Works, 525 San Anselmo Ave, San Anselmo, CA 94960

Counter Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8:30 am to 12:00 pm (counter closed on Fridays) 


Date Address Arborist Report Public Hearings    
1/26/2021 19 Myrtle Ave
2/01/2021 15 Durham Rd
Notice of Decision
04/26/2021 49 Bennit Ave
Notice of Decision
6/11/2021 10 Crest Rd Report 

9/28/2021 102 Butterfield Rd Report

10/11/2021 58 Indian Rock Rd Report      
02/14/2022 126 Barber Ave Report      
06/10/2022 27 Lansdale Ave Report      
07/07/2022 55 Avenue Del Norte Report      
9/08/2022 55 Avenue Del Norte Report Notice of Hearing     
9/08/2022 1524 San Anselmo  Report Notice of Decision    
9/22/2022 126 Barber Ave Report Notice of Hearing    
11/23/2022 115 Sequoia Drive Report      
12/15/2022 10 Crest Road Report      
7/13/2023 20 Savannah Road Report      
7/13/2023 6 Butterfield Road Report      
7/13/2023 1240 San Anselmo Ave Report      
7/13/2023 55 Avenue Del Norte Report      
9/14/2023 60 Greenfield Ave Report      
10/19/2023  271 Crescent Road Report      
10/19/2023 903 San Anselmo Ave Report      
11/28/2023 28 Rutherford Ave Report