BUILDING INSPECTIONSDuring Shelter in Place, at the time of inspections, windows must be open, ventilation turned off, and only one contractor/agent/owner present at the property, who must be wearing a mask.

  • CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE AN INSPECTION All inspections are applied for online at 
    • The inspection schedule with AM or PM slots is updated at approximately 8:30-9am, Monday - Thursday.
    • Please call the inspector at (415)258-4618 the morning of your inspection to get a more accurate time estimate 
    • A limited number of virtual building inspections will be conducted during Shelter in Place via Google Duo. A mobile device with video and hi-speed internet/data capabilities, and a set up Google Duo account is required for these virtual video inspections. Email if you require an virtual inspection during this time.

RESIDENTIAL BUILDING REPORTS - ALL RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES REQUIRE A RESALE INSPECTION TO BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO SALE. The Town is currently offering two types of Resale Inspections - Town Resale Inspections and Third-Party Inspections. 

The Resale Reports require time for the Town to research your records, zoning and past issues. Please schedule the resale inspection with at two weeks before closing, so the sale is not impacted.

The report is intended to identify the regularly authorized and legal use, occupancy, and zoning classifications of the property and all other pertinent information relating thereto.

  • For Town Resale Inspections, the property must be vacated three days prior to the date of inspection. At the time of inspection, windows must be open, ventilation turned off, and only one contractor/agent/owner present at the property, who must be wearing a mask. The resale application fee is $308 and $52 for each additional structure or additional unit.
    • If you are immunocompromised and/or have other medical conditions preventing you from complying with the Town's resale inspection requirements there are a number of precautions our staff can take to accommodate you while keeping you and our staff safe. If you require accommodations, please indicate so in writing and submit your request along with the resale application. Keep in mind that these accommodations may increase the duration of the inspection and/or inspection availability on certain days.
  • For Third Party Inspections, The town will prepare a pre report/resale checklist that can be completed and self-certified by a Certified Building Official, Certified Residential Building Inspector or Certified Home Inspector. For reports conducted during this Shelter-in-Place, the applicant must provide photographs of the exterior (all facades including front and rear yard), photographs that clearly show extents of all rooms including garage, storage, attic and crawlspace as well as exterior parking spaces, and provide a list of any non-conforming items on the property. The self-certification report  must be signed by the property owner, realtor and a third-party inspector. The Shelter in Place Third Party resale application fee is $150 for admin and processing time. Once this is paid, a template for your self-certification report will be provided to the applicant in 2 to 3 business days.
  • Please email with your completed resale application, and include the Credit Card Authorization form.

If any work is discovered during the inspection that has been done without a permit, a note will be placed in the Town property file and in the future, no permit applications will be accepted until this work is permitted and passes inspection.

Penalty fees for unpermitted work will be assessed in accordance with Town ordinances.