• Daily Inspection Schedule 
    • The inspection schedule with the approximate times will be updated at 8:45-9:00 am Monday - Friday.
    • You can check the approximate times the Building Inspector will be onsite.
  • Inspection Information and Instructions (see for additional inspection scheduling information)
  • Resale Inspection Report:
    • Fill out the resale inspection form and email it to
    • Once we receive the form, we will contact you for payment or you can pay at the counter Mon-Thurs from 8:30am to 12noon.
    • The resale application fee is $300 and $50 for each additional structure.
    • Once we receive payment, we can schedule the resale inspection for you. YOU CANNOT SCHEDULE THE RESALE INSPECTION USING THE eTrakit WEBSITE.

Residential Resale Inspection

Whenever a property is resold, it is required that you obtain a residential resale records report (inspection).
The report is intended to identify the regularly authorized and legal use, occupancy, and zoning classifications of the property and all other pertinent information relating thereto. One copy of the report is provided to the Applicant only.

Please schedule the report and inspection with adequate time before closing for the Town to research your records and inspect the property so the sale is not impacted. Please allow at least two weeks.

If any work is discovered during the inspection that has been done without a permit, a note will be placed in the Town property file and in the future, no permit applications will be accepted until this work is permitted and passes inspection.

Penalty fees for unpermitted work will be assessed in accordance with Town ordinances.