Forms/Applications Description

Appeal Form

Appeal of Administrative or Planning Commission Action.

Boards & Commission Application

Application for Appointment to a San Anselmo Board, Commission or Committee.
Business License Application/ Package General Business License Application form. Business Licenses are issued in accordance with Title 6, Chapter 1 of the San Anselmo Municipal Code. Businesses located in the commercial district as well as home-based businesses/occupations need to fill out a "Use Proposal" application for the Planning Department who will determine whether a Use Permit, Parking Variance or Design Review is needed. San Anselmo permits home-based occupations only if they meet Town regulations designed to ensure that these businesses do not adversely impact other residents or property in the neighborhood. 
Business License for Contractors - In Town Business license application for contractors located in town. Each contractor located within the Town limits shall pay an annual business license tax based on gross receipts or or alternatively shall pay an annual business license tax of $104.00, whichever is greater.
Business License for Contractors - Out of Town Every contractor who has work projects in Town but whose business is not located in San Anselmo shall pay an annual fee of $100.00 plus a $4.00 state fee* for a TOTAL of $ 104.00 This includes all contractors or subcontractors who perform short-term services in Town, such as building, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, tree work, painting, etc. 
Business License for P.O. Box Business Address Every person whose business is not located in San Anselmo but transacts business via a post office box address in Town, shall pay a flat business license tax of $50.00 plus $4.00* (State Fee) per calendar year. 
Business License for Realtors The San Anselmo Municipal Code, Section 6-1.14(l) requires every real estate broker or brokerage firm located outside of San Anselmo who buy, sell or lease property to obtain a business license. 
Business License for Rental of Commercial Property Every owner of commercial property, who leases such property in San Anselmo, shall pay an annual tax of $0.02 per square foot per lease per year up to a maximum of $200 per year per lease. There is a minimum charge of $50.00 for each rental space.
Business License for Rental of Living Accommodations Every person transacting in or engaged in the operation of a hotel, apartment, rooming house, house or portion of a house for rent, room for rent, second unit for rent, or other living accommodation shall pay an annual fee of $17.00 for each dwelling unit unless that unit is a rent control unit (Use Permit required) or has Section Eight Status (submit copy of the lease) then the annual fee is $10.00 for each unit. 
Business License for Transportation Every business that delivers any service by the use of vehicles, shall pay a license tax for each calendar year (per Section 6-1.13 of the San Anselmo Municipal Code).
Credit Card Authorization form Fillable PDF Credit Card Authorization form for Business License payments.
Fee Schedule Schedule of User Fees effective July 1, 2020
Insurance Claim Form Claim form
Memorial Request Form Memorial request form for loved ones.
Public Inquiry Form This Public Inquiry/Comment form is provided to assist the public and Town staff to communicate about issues of concern.
Public Records Act Request Form Request form for Public Records.
Regulations for New Businesses Regulations that may apply to your type of business.
Town Plaza Application Form  Application form for use of Town of San Anselmo Town Hall Plaza.
Use of Council Chambers Application Form Application for use of Town of San Anselmo Council Chambers.
Volunteer Registration Form Form for Volunteer Registration.