Age and Disability Friendly San Anselmo

Age and Disability Friendly Plan for San Anselmo

San Anselmo received a California State Grant to create the first Age and Disability Friendly Plan. The Town will be a leader in the County by being among the first to address the challenges and opportunities of aging and/or living with a disability in San Anselmo.

Our Plan:

  • Marin Aging and Disability Institute (MADI) and Age and Disability Friendly San Anselmo are leading an Advisory Committee, that includes specialists in aging and disability and many of our Town’s leaders and stakeholders, to oversee the project
  • Presenting education training sessions on ageism and able-ism for residents and staff to help us all develop a mindset to create a strategic plan that is inclusive while reviewing our own thoughts about aging and disability. We will work to expand the community's understanding of aging and disability and the services and opportunities that exist in Marin.
  • Making a community call-to-action to develop the population assessment and plan development working groups. Conduct the assessment and present results to the residents in Spring 2024
  • Creating working groups to begin developing strategic actions in specific focus areas (ex. Housing, Transportation, Community services, Emergency Preparedness, Social Connection, etc)
  • Presenting a draft of the Age and Disability Action Plan to the Town Council in Spring 2024
  • Hosting a multi-generational Town celebration to launch the Plan.
  • Sharing our learnings and process with other Marin municipalities; as a template for how other towns/cities might incorporate disability planning into their communities, changing the way we plan for all residents.
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  1. Dannielle Mauk

    Director of Community Services

Announcing the Launch of the 
Age & Disability Friendly San Anselmo Program

Were you one of our 200 volunteers who came together during the pandemic in 2020 to help other residents in the Age Friendly San Anselmo program? 

Many of you put “How to get help” flyers on resident’s doors, delivered “Petal Pushers” flowers to neighbors, participated in our “Check in and Chat” program, hung free masks on the trees in Creekside park, and became essential services volunteers and elves who delivered stockings and gift bags to those that needed holiday cheer. San Anselmo residents came together at a crucial time and demonstrated how our town is a great place for all ages.

Age Friendly & Disability San Anselmo and Marin Aging and Disability Institute (MADI) Receive State Grant 

When the San Anselmo Recreation Department applied to the WHO/AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities in 2019 to become Age Friendly, the town committed to a five year process of assessment, action plan development and implementation. The County and nine other Marin towns and cities have done the same. The pandemic interrupted San Anselmo’s progress, but we are pleased to announce that in partnership with the new Marin Aging and Disability Institute we received a grant from the California Department of Aging for approximately $150,000 to continue this process, but as directed by the California Master Plan for Aging to become the first Age and Disability Friendly community in Marin.  

We all care about the Town in which we live and want it to be a great place to live, work, play and do business.

To develop a plan to build a community where all ages and abilities thrive and remain active, we will engage local leaders, community partners and residents. We will call on the experiences and energies of volunteers who will advocate, develop a plan in partnership with the town and who will help to make the changes that honor the community values and preferences. While there are many Age-Friendly communities around the nation and within California, San Anselmo is one of a few towns who will be leading the way to incorporate planning for people with disabilities (visible and non-visible).

We began by creating an Advisory Committee to oversee this initiative. Soon we will hold listening and education sessions and invite residents of all ages to participate in this visioning and planning process.

Becoming a community that is Age and Disability Friendly we will be helping people of all ages and abilities to:

  1. Feel safe in the community
  2. Participate in community activities
  3. Be treated with respect
  4. Have access to safe, appropriate and affordable housing and transportation
  5. Have access to recreational opportunities and health services
  6. Know what services and activities are available in communication methods they prefer. 
  7. Be active, vital contributors to the economic, civic and social life of the town. 
  8. Receive appropriate support if they can no longer look after themselves.