Measure M

To restore and provide ongoing maintenance of 93 year-old Memorial Park, including replacing/repairing fields and playground equipment for safety, installing drainage, irrigation systems and new restrooms, improving senior accessibility with safe walkways, providing picnic areas, benches and shade trees, shall the Town of San Anselmo’s measure authorizing an annual tax of $98 per residential unit, with a senior discount, or per 1,500 square feet of non-residential use, providing approximately $500,000 annually for 30 years, with independent oversight, be adopted?    

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Staff Report and Video for Memorial Park Tax Measure 

Memorial Park Tax Information

Yes on Measure M

410 Amendment

460 1/2019 to 6/2019

497 8/2019

497 9/2019

No on Measure M

410 Initial

410 Amendment

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This list has been prepared to help facilitate the ballot measure process in the November 5, 2019 Election.