San Anselmo Youth Baseball

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San Anselmo has enjoyed a long and successful tradition of baseball. Starting with the initial teams of the early 1900's, followed by the opening of Memorial Park in 1926, to the formation of SABA in 1954 and through to the programs of today, San Anselmo accommodates hundreds of young baseball players from throughout the community every year for the past 100 years.

For the spring 2020 season, The San Anselmo Recreation Department is excited to expand our partnership with the San Anselmo Baseball Association "SABA" with the goal to help manage and support all age groups of youth baseball players in the community.

This new partnership will result in fully integrated programs to accommodate kids from 3 to 15 years old. San Anselmo Baseball brings 60 plus years of experience and tradition to the much-loved, Bambino, Farm, and rookie recreation programs. SABA fosters a supportive and instructive culture that nurtures teamwork, skill development, and a lifelong love of the sport. Although they are a San Anselmo based program, kids from all towns and cities are welcome to join. All practices and games are played in San Anselmo, primarily at Memorial Park but also at Red Hill Park. 


Younger Kid Divisions (3-8 Years)

Bambino Baseball (3-4 years)

Bambinos is an ideal introduction to the game of baseball for both parent and child. Players will learn the basic skills like throwing, catching, hitting, and running. Bambinos play on Sunday mornings, with classes beginning in March and running through April. There is also a Fall session that begins in September and runs through October on Saturdays. Parent participation is required.

Farm Club (4-5 years)

Farm Club Baseball is the first experience with team sports for many of its participants. This is a non-competitive league focusing on skill-building and developing fundamental knowledge of the game. Farm Club takes place on Sundays beginning at the end of March and running through May. There is also a Fall Session that begins in September and runs though November on Saturdays.

Rookie Baseball (6-8 years)

Rookie Baseball emphasizes the development of skills and the ability to play multiple positions. This is a non-competitive instructional league where everyone has fun and we do not keep score. There are two sessions of Rookie Baseball. One in the spring that begins in March and runs through May, and then another in the Summer that begins in May and runs through June.

To register for all younger kid divisions please visit:

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Older Kid Divisions (9-13 years)

SABA is an independent baseball league and a contractor of the San Anselmo Recreation Department. Although they generally follow the basic guidelines of "Little League", SABA has the ability to make the best decisions for each player and for the divisions. Accommodations can be made to make sure your son or daughter is playing at a level that promotes his or her skill development and confidence. If you have any questions about the best division for your son or daughter, just ask. They love to help.

Minors (Typically 9-10 years, 3rd-4th grade)

Minors is an introduction to competitive baseball with an emphasis on instruction. Player age is typically 9 to 0 years old or 3rd to 4th grade, but younger players that are not timid at the plate and can make consistent throws are welcome and usually fit in well, as older players (5th graders) that may be seeking an extra year of skill honing before moving on to Majors. Every player is in the batting lineup at all times, thus each player is given the opportunity to contribute to the team effort. Minimum playing requirements are in place and adhered to, and exposure to position variety is favored over the competitive desire to win. While recognizing the boundaries of physical skills and the development of individuals, managers focus on teaching a variety of positions to all players. No leads offs allowed, modified stealing rules are in place. Field dimensions for Minors are 60' bases and 46' pitching distance (same as Little League). The season runs from February thru the beginning of June. All games are played at Memorial part; two games per week.

Majors (Typically 11-13 years, 5th-7th grade)

Majors is a continuation of the instruction of the fundamentals of baseball and evolves toward the baseball format where full Major League Baseball rules are followed, such as leadoffs and steals. Field dimensions are 70' bases and 50' pitching distance. Minimum playing requirements are in place and every player is in the batting lineup at all times. Though pitching intensity and the level of athleticism is naturally higher than in Minors, playing time equity and skill development continues to be favored over competitive desires. Managers continue to be encouraged to teach and allow players to experience a variety of positions, although some players will begin to specialize into primary and secondary positions. The season from February through the beginning of June. All games are played at Memorial Park; two games per week.

All Stars

The Minors, and Majors programs offer an extended summer All Star season for kids that express interest and have excelled during the regular season. This typically includes 3 to 4 All Star tournaments culminating in a final tournament at Memorial Park when teams throughout the Bay Area come to play a series of games over the course of 4 days.

To register for all older kid divisions please visit: