Open For Business Signs



San Anselmo’s Economic Development Committee has created a poster campaign to help promote our local businesses. The campaign is meant to appeal to San Anselmo’s sense of community and connectedness, create town esprit and be light hearted in these serious times. When posted throughout Town, they will convey the sense of a vibrant, resilient, energized community and let people know that we’re open for business.

The campaign will achieve its greatest impact if posters are positioned similarly in all windows. Hang the posters from 6 feet above the sidewalk. Either place them side by side in a row, spaced ½” apart. If space is limited post posters in a grid. Covid-19 has spawned a need to fill our windows with lots of paper. When arranging the San Anselmo posters consider eliminating or organizing the balance of your displays to achieve an orderly presentation.

The 11”x17” posters present a variety of messages. Select the ones you’d like to post in your windows here for delivery, or pick up a selection at the lobby of the Town Council Chambers (weekdays only). If you find you need additional signs, please simply place another order.  

We can create posters customized for individual businesses. Let us know if you’d like one for your window. Please do not alter the posters.

If you have any questions, please contact the town at:

Open for Business
TOWN  Needs You
Dine in Town
Help Needed
Love our Customers Eat
Love our Customers
WALK Through Town
Ever Grateful
Sick or Coughing
Care a Lot
Shop Here
Grad you Will
Help us Thrive
Stay the Night
Bank on Us
HOME Sweet Home

The Shelter in Place order requires businesses to post requirements for entering their spaces. The Town has created this sign that complies with County posting requirements and aligns with the design of our posters. Download and print, order for delivery (see order form above), or pick up at Town Council Chambers lobby (weekdays).

Town of San Anselmo Rules.pdf