Petal Pushers Program

Spread Joy with Petal Pushers!

Jar of Flowers

Field of Flowers

"Petal Pushers" would like to share the joy of flowers with our neighbors.

Age-Friendly San Anselmo and Petal Pushers will be organizing weekly deliveries of fresh garden floral arrangements to any house-bound members of our community who could use a emotional boost.

This includes those with illness, in recovery, or those who are limited to staying home due to age or chronic conditions. Petal Pushers will deliver arrangements until the first week of June or until the shelter in place order has ended.


  • to make arrangements 
  • donate flowers from your garden 
  • to make deliveries
  • to make gift tags

Flower Bike

How would it work? 

If you know anyone in your community who would appreciate this service through June click here. 

We would deliver a small bouquet of garden fresh flowers in a mason jar once a week on the same day. The mason jars are reusable, so we ask that on the delivery day, the recipient leaves the old jar from the previous week outside by the door.

Safety:  A “PetalPusher” will leave the flowers outside the door, some delivering by bicycle. We will pick and arrange the flowers using gloves and wipe down the mason jars upon delivery. As an extra step, we ask that the recipient wipes the jar down again before handling it.

Who are the PetalPushers?

We are local flower gardeners, designers and farmers who have armfuls of spring flowers that would have been sold or shared during this normally busy flower season.  Parties and weddings are canceled, but there are plenty of local flowers in our gardens and farms.  Rather than seeing all these flowers go to waste, the local florists, gardeners and farmers can keep working through the spring and provide flowers to our neighbors in San Anselmo.

“Since love grows within you,

So beauty grows.

For love is the beauty of the soul.”

- St. Augustine

To contact PetalPushers:


Call the Old Fashioned Way: H. 415-482-8050

                                                  C. 415-509-8143

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