Slow Streets

The Slow Streets program is intended to support safe, essential physical activity by creating more space for social distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This program discourages residents and visitors from driving on all “Slow Streets” unless they are necessary to reach your final destination

The Town of San Anselmo is responding to the increased demand for pedestrian street usage during Covid-19 pandemic by implementing a concept of "Slow Streets" throughout the Town where appropriate. Many cities around California and other states are adopting similar approaches, aimed at increasing the usability of the streets for pedestrians with social distancing in mind. There are many different approaches to this concept, many of which are aimed at reducing and slowing down vehicular traffic on neighborhood streets so that they are not used as shortcuts or detours. 

Additional information on the subject, as well as some examples of other cities' slow streets programs are below: 




Slow Streets Sign Example

Participating Streets

  • Caleta Ave
  • Sycamore Ave