COVID-19 Housing Help

Residential Tenant Eviction Moratorium and Rent Freeze

San Anselmo tenants are protected by an Eviction Moratorium and Rent Freeze through December 31, 2021

  • No Landlord may terminate a residential tenancy for non-payment of rent if the tenant has provided a Declaration of COVID-19-Related Financial Distress to the Landlord within 15 days after receiving notice demanding payment of rent (see form enclosed). These eviction protections apply to all residential tenants. Ordinance 1155 Moratorium on Evictions to December 31, 2021
  • No property owner may increase rent on a residential unit through December 31, 2021, if the tenant has provided a Declaration of COVID- 19-Related Financial Distress (see form enclosed). The rent freeze does not apply to units that are exempt from rent control regulations, including single-family homes, condominiums and residential units for which an initial Certificate of Occupancy was issued on or after February 1, 1995.Ordinance 1154 Moratorium on Rent Increases through December 31, 2021

Contact town staff for more information (415) 258-4617 


Declaration of COVID-19-Related Financial Distress

Letter to request rent freeze and for any overpayment of rent English

Letter to request rent freeze and for any overpayment of rent Spanish

El ayuntamiento de San Anselmo ha extendido las protecciones de desalojo para todos los inquilinos residenciales y ha adoptado un congelamiento de aumentos de alquiler para ciertos inquilinos residenciales hasta el 31 DE DICIEMBRE DE 2021

  • Ningún propietario puede rescindir un arrendamiento residencial por falta de pago del alquiler si el inquilino ha proporcionado una Declaración de Dificultades Financieras Relacionadas con COVID-19 al propietario dentro de los 15 días posteriores a la recepción del aviso exigiendo el pago del alquiler (consulte el formulario adjunto). Estas protecciones de desalojo se aplican a todos los inquilinos residenciales.  
  • Ningún propietario puede aumentar el alquiler de una unidad residencial hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2021, si el inquilino ha proporcionado una Declaración de Dificultades Financieras Relacionadas con COVID-19 (consulte el formulario adjunto). La congelación de aumentos del alquiler no se aplica a las unidades residenciales que están excluidas de las regulaciones de control del alquiler, incluidas las viviendas de casas particulares, los condominios y las unidades residenciales para las que se emitió un Certificado de Ocupación inicial a partir del 1 de Febrero de 1995.

Residential Tenant Rental Assistance Programs

The County of Marin has a program to assist certain Marin County residents with unpaid back rent, utilities, back rent paid by credit, and future rent. The application does not ask for any citizenship information and is open to all eligible Marin County renters. Receiving assistance from this program does not affect public charge.

Contact the County of Marin for eligibility. Email, or call (415) 473-2223. Requests for disability accommodations may be made by phoning (415) 473-2223 (Voice), CA Relay 711 or by e-mail at Staff will be available to assist applicants who do not have access to a computer or smart phone or need additional assistance.


Contact your utility provider for assistance. Payment plans may be available.

Homeowners and Small Property Owners

Foreclosure protection is available for homeowners and small property owners who have federally-backed mortgages through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. These protections last through January 1, 2023. This includes landlords with four or fewer properties (whether or not they’re owner-occupied).  Homeowners or small landlords who don’t have federally-backed loans can contact their loan servicers to request forbearance. Your lender must provide detailed reasons if they deny your forbearance request. You can contest a denial. These protections cover forbearance denials made through April 1, 2021. 

These financial institutions may be able to reduce or delay your monthly payment. In addition, they will: 

  • Give you a streamlined process to request forbearance for coronavirus-related reasons, supported with available documentation
  • Confirm approval of and terms of the forbearance program
  • Provide the opportunity to extend your forbearance agreement if you continue to experience hardship due to coronavirus

Learn more at this Housing is Key page for homeowners.


If you’re experiencing homelessness, you can contact Connie Borges (415) 454-3303 or Carrie Sager (415) 473-7590 for help. See this page for other resources.

Fair Housing Organizations

Fair Housing laws are federal and state laws that protect Marin County residents from discriminatory housing practices. These laws may be violated if a person is treated differently than other tenants or prospective tenants because of one or more of your class attributes. Several organizations are available to assist the public in relation to housing issues. See our Fair Housing website page here.