Town Climate Accomplishments

History and Accomplishments.   Our community has a rich history of climate action, environmental protection and supporting alternative transportation including bicycles, pedestrians, trains and bus service:


-         1973 adopted a conservation and open space plan and procedures for environmental review (Resolutions 1492 and 1509).

-         1974 passed requirements for recycling (Ordinance 670).

-         1978 recognized renewable energy sources by proclaiming a Sun Day and Marin Solar Energy Week (Reso. 1762).

-         1993 adopted an ordinance to require all new construction to include recycling areas (Ord. 946).

-         1999 participated in the “Spare the Air” campaign to reduce air pollution (Reso. 3483).

-         2000 established a Quality of Life Commission, which is now an active Sustainability Commission (Reso. 3512)

-         2001 adopted our first Bicycle Master Plan.

-         2002 committed to take a leadership role in promoting public awareness of climate change (Reso. 3615) and resolved to join a shared local vision for sustainable growth (Reso. 3589).

-         2007 adopted a goal to be zero waste by 2025 (Reso. 3820).

-         2010 adopted green building requirements (Ord. 1076).

-         2011 adopted our first Climate Action Plan, and provided free parking for electric vehicles in Town lots (Reso. 3937).

-         2012 resolved to consider the life cycle economics of product manufacture, transportation, use and disposal (Reso. 3977), installed its first electric vehicle charging stations, installed LED street lighting, and adopted requirements for diversion of construction and demolition waste (Ord. 1081).

-         2014 secured 100% renewable energy with MCE Deep Green for town facilities and adopted a ban on single use carry out bags (Ord. 1092).

-         2015 held a Solar Fair.

-         2016 approved a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master plan.

-         2018 passed an ordinance banning single use plastics.

-         2019 updated the Climate Action Plan, passed an Electric Vehicle policy and installed new electric vehicle chargers in the Magnolia Parking Lot. 

-         2020 declared a Climate Emergency.

-         2021 passed an ordinance banning gas-powered leaf blower use town-wide.
-         2022 approved ordinance banning natural gas connections in new residential construction

Tracking Progress

GHG emissions report graphic

Our latest Greenhouse Gas Emissions reports  show that while community emissions are down 30% from 2005, they have declined less than 2% every year since 2017.  The Town is falling behind in making progress towards our climate goals.  The Commission’s programs are designed to speed emissions reduction to help meet those goals.