Climate Action Plan 2030

CAP 2030

The Climate Action Plan (CAP) seeks to:

●   Identify ways in which our Town contributes to climate change

●   Set measurable targets for how much we want to reduce these contributions by a certain year

●   Outline strategies and a set of actions that can be tracked that will mitigate climate change by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), remove GHG from the atmosphere through sequestration, and prepare for and adapt to the changing climate and its impacts.  

Priority Climate Action Commission initiatives are based on this CAP implementation plan. 

First adopted in 2011, the CAP was updated in 2019.  As scientists report on evidence that planetary warming and its impacts are increasing more rapidly than originally forecast, the Town will review and consider updating the CAP to reflect more ambitious goals to achieve GHG reductions resulting from new mitigation measures.   Join our meetings to learn about planned ordinances and other programs that will help us meet more ambitious emissions reduction targets.

San Anselmo's GHG Emissions and Targets:

You can view The Town's Community Greenhouse Gas Emisssions Inventory for the year 2019, published in May, 2021, online. (clickable)