Building Electrification

electrify marinNatural Gas usage in Buildings causes 33% of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in San Anselmo.  The principal component of natural gas is methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas that is a major contributor to climate change. It also presents numerous public health and safety risks, including fire hazards during earthquakes, indoor air pollution with long-term health effects, and periodic explosions in the transmission and service pipelines.  


In 2022, the Town adopted an ordinance requiring that all new residential construction be all-electric (no new gas hookups).


  1. MCE Clean Energy
  2. Resilient Neighborhoods



What You Can Do

#1You can power your home with 100% clean renewable energy by switching to MCE Deep Green MCEOPTUP.ORG or the PG&E Solar Choice 100% renewable electricity option.  

#2 Install a solar energy system on your home or business with battery storage, if feasible. 

#3 Replace gas and oil powered appliances with electric ones. Start by investigating options for electric hot water heaters, heat pumps, and induction cooktops so that you are prepared to swap out the natural gas appliances when it is time to replace them. Marin County is now offering rebates for new electric heating and cooling systems as well as water heaters.

#4 Replace indoor and outdoor lights with LED bulbs, and turn them off when not in use

#5 Have an energy assessment done for your home or business.

#6 Upgrade insulation, seal leaks, and install a programmable thermostat

#7 Purchase Energy Star appliances and equipment.

#8  Unplug electronic appliances when not in use and set the thermostat to use less heat and air conditioning.