Waste Reduction

Single Use Plastics

The Town has approved a Single Use Foodware Ordinance to reduce waste and protect the environment in response to troubling global levels of plastic pollution. The ordinance furthers the Town Council’s goal to be Zero Waste by 2025. 

Full implementation of the ordinance was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The Commission looks forward to implementation in 2021-22.

Single Use Foodware Ordinance

List of Approved Products (updated)

The adopted ordinance:

  • Requires food vendors to use reusable foodware and not disposables.
  • Allows use of non-compostable products when compostable products are not available (except Styrofoam)
  • Requires food vendors to provide 3-part waste bins (compost/recycling/landfill), except full service restaurants
  • Requires food vendors, except full service restaurants and private schools, to charge 25 cents for disposable cups (food vendor retains the charge)
  • Provides for a warning and then fines for violations after 12/31/19

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Food/Green Waste

What You Can Do

#1 Buy only as much as you need. 

#2 Buy locally grown food, especially organics; eat less industrially-grown meat. 

#3 Put your food scraps in the composting/green can and/or compost them at home. 

#4 Donate extra food and used clothing and housewares to charities. 

#5 Sort your recyclables and only recycle what truly can be recycled—don’t be a “wishful” recycler. 

#6 Bring your own water, hot drink and takeaway food containers with you daily. Avoid single-use plastic.