Robson-Harrington Community Garden Steering Committee


The San Anselmo Community Garden at Robson-Harrington Park (SACG or Garden) will endeavor to create a sharing and learning environment in a productive, well-maintained community garden where its members are committed to organic gardening practices,stewardship of soil and water, and in cooperation with others for the enjoyment of all.


The San Anselmo Parks and Recreation Department will have oversight of the Garden. A Steering Committee appointed by the Parks and Recreation Commission will help develop policies and coordinate garden activities.

The Steering Committee shall consist of 3 or more gardeners and at least one staff member of the Parks and Recreation Department. A member of the Steering Committee shall be designated as a liaison with the Friends of Robson Park. The Steering Committee will meet quarterly, and its meetings must comply with the Ralph M. Brown Act.

Changes to these Bylaws should be recommended to the Steering Committee and/or Parks and Recreation Department. The Parks and Recreation Commission must approve all changes.

Robson Harrington Community Gardens - walls photo


  • Quarterly meetings.  All meetings are open to the public.
  • With Zoom capability if needed
  1. Dannielle Mauk

    Director of Community Services

Steering Committee Members

Member Name

Tom Frillman
Nancy Mimms
Karen Peterson
Kim Pipkin