Electric Bicycles (E-bikes) and Electric Scooters (E-scooters) Road Rules and Laws

The Central Marin Police Authority and the Town of San Anselmo would like to remind our community of laws regarding the use of E-Scooters and E-Bikes. Particularly E-bikes are rapidly increasing in popularity in our community with teenagers and adults. It's important that everyone knows the rules and laws and are prepared to manage the increased speeds and maneuverability of these new modes of transportation both before making a purchase and when preparing to venture out onto the road ways.

Memorial Park:

E-bikes are prohibited from being operated in Town parks. 

Rules & Regulations:
Memorial Park rules and regulations state that “No motorized vehicles are allowed” in the park. Failure to comply with this rule shall constitute an infraction, except that the fourth and any additional violations within one year shall constitute a misdemeanor. (SAMC § 11-1.02). An infraction may result in issuance of an Administrative Citation which carries fines beginning at $100 and increasing to $500 per violation as described in Town Resolution No. 4271. (SAMC § 1-6.01). Enforcement officers will contact a minor’s parent or guardian, who will ultimately be held responsible for the violation. 

  • E-bike riders may walk their bikes through Memorial Park on the paths.  
  • ONE EXCEPTION: E-Bikes are now allowed to be safely operated on the marked mulit-use path that connects the Memorial Park parking lot to Sunnyhills Drive. Speeds are NOT to exceed 10 miles per hour on this path.
  • Non-motorized bicycles are allowed on the paths at a safe speed.  
  • No bikes are allowed on the grass fields at any time.

The safety and welfare of our entire community is of utmost importance in all Town community public spaces.

Here are some resources to help you and your family navigate this new technology:

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*Did you know youth under the age of 18 must wear a properly fitting and secured helmet when riding an E-Bike?

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*Did you know you must have a valid California Driver's license or instructional permit to operate an E-Scooter?

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