Flood Committee

The Flood Committee was established in 2006. The committee is charged to serve as the town’s expert representatives on flooding and storm water management issues, to become informed on hydro-logic conditions that affect flooding in San Anselmo and to evaluate possible solutions and make recommendations to the Town Council.

Flooding photo - near seminary


Seven members, appointed by Town Council and serving staggered 4 year terms.  Members will be recruited from areas of expertise related to the control of storm water, such as: engineering, hydrology. flood control, banking and insurance. The Committee will include 2 Council Members.

Committee Members

Member Name
Term Expires
Vlad Iojica May 2027
Kathy Schaefer May 2027
Erik Stromberg September 2026
Warren Karlenzig May 2025
Gerhard Epke May 2027
Eileen Burke - Council Liaison
January 2024
Steve Burdo - Council Liaison
January 2024


Resolution #4151 



  • As needed
  • With Zoom capability if needed
  1. Sean Condry

    Public Works & Building Director

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Presentation on the Summer Ditch

San Anselmo Flood Risk Reduction Project Update 05.02.2018

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