Ross Valley Watershed

San Anselmo Flood Risk Reduction Project

The San Anselmo Flood Risk Reduction Project will reduce the  risk of flooding in Ross Valley with the improved former Nursery site providing  much-needed, temporary water storage during infrequent, but severe, flood  events such as the ones experienced in 1982 and 2005 that caused tens of  millions of dollars of damage to private and public property in Fairfax and the  lower Ross Valley. The limited in-channel capacity of Sleepy Hollow and San  Anselmo Creeks causes flooding in San Anselmo during flood events, and the  improved former Nursery would provide temporary water storage, thereby reducing  creek overflow and downstream flooding. The Project Environmental Impact Report  will analyze flood diversion and temporary storage basin at the former Nursery  site, coupled with removal or modification of a commercial building over San  Anselmo Creek and creek improvements along Creek Park and downstream, along  with three other alternatives and the “no project” alternative. This Project replaces  the former Memorial Park Detention Basin project and retains the grant funding  authorized for Memorial Park to fund similar flood protection projects within  the Ross Valley.

Ross Valley Flood Protection and Watershed Program