Street Sweeping Information

The street sweeping information is as follows:

Street Sweeping Map:

The current street sweeping map outlines which day of the week your street will be swept.


During the Fall months, commercial streets will be swept weekly
Each residential street is swept twice per month (on the first and third full week) on the below scheduled day:

Monday (green) - San Anselmo Ave, Indian Rock and Faude Park areas.

Tuesday (blue) - Seminary and Saunders neighborhoods

Wednesday (orange) - San Francisco Blvd, Hilldale & Butterfield areas.

Thursday (purple) - Suffield, Oak Springs neighborhoods.

  1. A. J. Shaw

    Public Works Supervisor

Please do your part:

Fallen leaves belong in the green waste/composting bins

Please help the sweeper by keeping your street free of parked cars on your assigned sweeping day and please ensure that the branches of your street trees have at least 15' of clearance at the edge of the road.

Questions? Call A. J. Shaw at (415) 258-4601.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can’t I sweep leaves into the street?

Leaves and debris swept into streets can clog the drainage system and cause flooding; these materials also pollute streams and oceans, and threaten sea life. Sweeping leaves and debris into the streets makes it impractical for street cleaning crews to operate efficiently. For these reasons, the practice of sweeping leaves and debris into the streets is forbidden by the Town of San Anselmo’s Municipal Code.

What is my responsibility for leaves on my property and in the park strip in front of my house?

Collect all your yard waste (including leaves from street trees) and either compost it or put it in your green cart(s). Visit for more information about green carts and composting. Section 7-4 of the Town of San Anselmo Municipal Code prohibits the obstruction of street gutters and places responsibility for keeping gutters and the storm drain system free of leaves on homeowners.

Why am I responsible for the leaves in area between my property line and the gutter?

Section 7-5 of the Town of San Anselmo Municipal Code specifies that any planting or growth in a parkway space shall be maintained by the person owning, occupying, or having the charge and control of the premises adjacent to the parkway space.

Why doesn’t the street sweeper pick up all the debris from the street and gutter?

Low hanging trees or branches, garbage cans, basketball hoops, parked cars, and piles of leaves are all obstacles that cause our operators to swerve into the streets; these obstacles prevent effective sweeping of gutters.

Why doesn’t the Town trim tree branches so the sweeper can get to the gutter in front of my house?

Street trees in the public right-of-way are maintained by the homeowner of the adjacent property. In addition to pruning and tending to the tree’s health, maintenance of the trees includes sufficient trimming so that 15 feet of clearance is created over gutters and roads. An encroachment permit is required to perform this work and can be obtained at the Public Works office or here.

I put the leaves out in a pile in the street and the sweeper drove around the leaves. Why?

Street sweeping equipment is not designed to pick up piles and attempting to drive over them creates a time consuming mess and maintenance. For this reason, residents are called upon to either compost their leaves or collect them in green carts, both practices that help street sweepers do their jobs most efficiently.

Where can I find a schedule for street sweeping and leaf pick up on my street?

Please refer to the street sweeper information at the top of this page.