200 Series- Prerequisites

Overview of San Anselmo flooding characteristics:

Number of buildings in San Anselmo: 6130
Number of buildings in the SFHA (100-year floodplain): 562 according to MarinMap
Number of parcels in San Anselmo: 4,845
Number of parcels touched by the 500 and 100-year floodplain:1,329
Number of parcels touched by the 100-year floodplain: 928
Area of San Anselmo: 1700 acres
Area of SFHA: 161 acres (.25 square miles)

National Flood Insurance Program information:

NFIP member since 1977
NFIP Community Number 060180
Policies in Force: 574 (~80% residential)
Total Premiums paid annually: $714,630.00
Insurance in Force: $153,140,500.00
Number of Losses Paid: $11,207,992.08
Repetitive Loss Properties: 1

Community Assessment Visit Dates: 8/6/2008, 2/3/2015