600 Red Hill Avenue residential project

2021 Project - 18 new one bedroom units

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Public Comment Period for the Environmental Review is 12/18/2020 to 1/11/2021. Comments will still be considered at the public hearing scheduled for January 11, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. by Zoom.

Material below is for prior approved project
600 Redhill Avenue Residential Project, APN 006-091-13

Architect: Jerry Frate Architecture and Planning
Applicant: Robert Nobili
Status: Approved by Town Council 

Town Council has approved the request for rezoning, specific plan, design review, use permit, lot subdivision, and grading permit. The applicants propose to subdivide the existing 72,024 square foot lot into two lots and construct four residential units on the new lot, uphill from the existing apartment building. The proposed homes would be accessed from a driveway off of Spaulding Street. The two proposed lots would consist of: 1.) the existing 10-unit apartment building on a 29,195 square foot lot with 14 parking spaces; and 2.) four, detached, four bedroom condominium units on a 43,829 square foot lot with 22 parking spaces. Total density of 8 units per acre is proposed for the combined lots. The project includes a grading permit request to excavate 2,870 cubic yards for the shared driveway, foundations and landscape walls. Each 3,300 sq. ft. unit would have four-bedrooms, a three-car garage, driveway parking, and patio and deck areas. Proposed materials include Spanish clay tile roofing and stucco siding. The townhouses will have a maximum height of 27 feet (35 feet permitted). The project also includes a four-foot tall debris flow deflection wall upslope of the proposed residences. The Town Council will consider rezoning from C-3 (General Commercial) and R-2 (Medium Density Residential) to R-2/PPD/SPD (Medium Density Residential with a Specific Planned Development District overlay) and approval of a specific plan for the sites.   

  Parcel A  Parcel B Code 
 Proposed Lot Size 29,195 sq. ft.  43,829 sq. ft. 7,500 sq. ft.
 Proposed Floor Area 10,826 sq. ft./37% 14,941 sq. ft./33% no maximum 
 Proposed Lot Coverage 4,644 sq. ft./15.9% 9,222 sq. ft./21%  35% 

Public Meetings

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Meeting Date

Action Taken (click on link for video and materials)

 Town Council  May 8, 2018  Adopted ordinance and approved project
 Town Council  April 24, 2018 Adopted Mitigated Negative Declaration of Environmental Impact and Introduced ordinance to approve rezoning
 Town Council  April 10, 2018 Discussed item and continued
Planning Commission July 18, 2016 7:00 PM Considered by Planning Commission. Planning Commission recommended that the Town Council approve the project. Click here for prior staff report and materials considered by the Planning Commission.

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