Community Emergency Response Training


Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) are groups of amateur emergency workers. CERT participants receive basic training from emergency response professionals and work in the initial aftermath of a disaster to augment official emergency services.


Community Emergency Response Teams are trained in basic emergency response procedures such as:
  • Assessing structural integrity and performing light search and rescue
  • Collecting and recording vital information to be relayed to professional responders on damage, victims and actions taken or resources needed
  • Conducting an initial size-up of the situation in their immediate area
  • Performing immediate medical triage and basic treatment of injuries
  • Providing leadership to untrained volunteers
  • Reducing immediate dangers by turning off utilities, suppressing small fires and evacuating hazardous areas


The fire departments and districts in Marin County have undertaken a program of CERT for civilians. This shortened version (10 hours) with more hands-on experience, will be taught to Marin County residents by Marin fire agency personnel. The intent is to train and prepare volunteers to achieve a higher level of basic skills in:
  • Earthquake survival
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Fire prevention and suppression
  • Search and rescue / disaster first aid


Visit the Ready Marin website for registration details and more information.