Flood Zone 9

About Flood Zone 9

Marin County Public Works Department manages the Flood Control and Water Conservation District. San Anselmo and the rest of the Ross Valley/Corte Madera Creek watershed is within Flood Zone 9. A special fee, which was approved by a property owner election in 2007, generates revenue to pay for flood control projects. Flood Zone 9 is overseen by an Advisory Board, but all major actions require authorization by the Board of Supervisors of the Flood Control District. San Anselmo's representative to the Flood Zone 9 Advisory Board is Councilmember Tom McInerney.

Flood Zone 9 performs many functions including:

  • The cleaning and maintenance of creeks
  • Development of a capital improvement plan guiding flood mitigation activities
  • The construction, operation and maintenance of levees, pumping stations, culverts and drainage ways
  • Applying for and matching grant funding for replacement of bridges and buildings contributing to flooding

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