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November 24, 2017

Bell Tower

How can the Town of San Anselmo better communicate with you?

The Town of San Anselmo is constantly seeking better and more efficient means of providing information to and receiving information from our residents. The recent introduction of "Virtual Town Hall" is intended to encourage two-way communication between residents and our municipality.

The Town of San Anselmo uses multiple communication channels to engage its residents and provide updates on matters that are important to the community.  We send out  the weekly “Town Manager's Newsletter” emails and endeavor to keep the Town's website current. We also have a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, and are on Instagram. 
In addition to our digital communication outreach efforts, we send out press releases to the media (The Marin IJ, Ross Valley Reporter). We post and distribute flyers, posters and banners around town. We publish a seasonal Recreation Activity Guide and send out the "Hoot", the Library's monthly newsletter. We host regular Town Council meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. We live-stream these meetings and post the videos to our website. We host public information sessions on specific topics and outreach meetings, such as with the Memorial Park Master Plan and Median Master Plan projects. We host monthly meetings with our many boards, committees and commissions.  The Council, Commissioners, and Town staff encourage residents to email, call, or schedule time with them when there are questions, concerns, and/or suggestions you may have. If you haven't already, please visit the "Notify Me" page on the Town's website to subscribe to a variety of Town alerts, newsletters or other notifications (Notify Me link).

As you can see, we use a variety of platforms to communicate and engage with San Anselmo residents.

But even with all of these methods, we sometimes miss reaching you. We are evaluating our current public communication and outreach methods, with the goal of doing the best job possible of informing and engaging the community about important topics, town services, initiatives, and programs that may be of interest to you.

Please take the survey, and give us your opinion about what is working, what could be improved, and what other type of communication method might be considered. To start the survey, please click the Take the Survey .

Imagination Park
Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

With fall here, the Public Works Department would like to remind all residents to keep curb areas free of leaves and other debris.  It’s easy to get rid of once it’s picked up – our garbage company provides pickup of yard waste in cans or boxes for all customers.
Please don’t just rake leaves into your curb area, hoping that the street sweeper will come by and pick them up.  The sweeper can’t cover the entire town, and leaves left in curb areas will clog drains quickly when winter rains arrive.
A link to the current street sweeping schedule is located here:
And, as a reminder, the Town has an ordinance that limits the use of motorized leaf blowers to Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Residents, who pick up their leaves, keep an eye on neighborhood drains and clear clogs during storms will help to keep winter storm water flowing where it’s supposed to be.


Caring for Trees in San Anselmo

Many sections of San Anselmo are covered by oak, madrone, and other trees which contribute greatly to the scenic beauty of the Town. In addition, the trees of the Town are an integral part of the Town's complex environmental system.
The spread of Dutch Elm Disease, Sudden Oak Death and other tree diseases has caused the removal of a large number of trees within the Town limits. The spread of disease is a continuing problem, as was seen with the trees in the Red Hill median and two trees at Memorial Park.  
One of the most important ways to help preserve the beauty of our town is to please remember to periodically have your trees inspected and maintained as appropriate. The Town does inspect along the main streets and side streets during the course of work in the field.  However, many property owners do not realize, street trees in the public right-of-way should be maintained by the homeowner of the adjacent property.
In addition to pruning and tending to the tree’s health, maintenance of the trees includes sufficient trimming so that 15 feet of clearance is created over gutters and roads. Also, a tree growing in a parkway or sidewalk area should not obstruct the view of any intersection or any traffic upon the streets. A tree permit and/or an encroachment permit may be required to perform this work and can be obtained at the Public Works office or at Please note, trimming less than 25% of a tree does not require a permit; however, topping a tree is not allowed.
If there are trees that appear dead, dying, or dangerous, please email the Public Works Department at and the Town will have it inspected and/or require the property owner to get an arborist report.

Zero Waste Marin

Reducing Waste During the Holidays

Zero Waste Marin wants to pass along a few tips to help Marin County reduce waste this holiday season.

Holiday Shopping

• When out shopping for the perfect party favor or present, please support our locally owned businesses in Marin.
• Carry your own reusable bags for holiday shopping, and avoid taking a paper bag
for your purchases.
• If you're gifting electronic gadgets or toys, choose rechargeable batteries and
consider including a battery charger with your gift as well.

Give an Experience

Consider giving friends and family members a gift that requires very little or no

• Theater, movie or concert tickets
• Membership to a museum
• Gift card to a local store
• Visit your favorite restaurant
• A certificate for babysitting, gardening, or cleaning the house or car.

Alternative Gift Wrap

Single use wrapping paper creates a huge amount of waste each year. Instead of
purchasing a new roll of wrapping paper and ribbon, shop your home for unique
wrapping materials.

• Gift bags or reusable shopping bags
• Tins or baskets
• Newspaper or magazine pages

Never Burn Wrapping Paper!

It is illegal to burn trash and wrapping paper. If you must use wrapping paper, always
purchase non-foil-based paper and remember to toss it in your recycling bin, or save and
reuse it next holiday season.

Zero Waste Marin works with cities and towns throughout Marin County to educate
residents about reducing the amount of waste that goes into our local landfills. Check out
the latest updates to our website for more tips to reduce waste.

San Anselmo panorama downtown
gingerbread house

Make Your Own Gingerbread House!

Wednesday, December 6th - 3:00-4:00pm  - Ages 4-12. 

Town Council Chambers - Advanced sign up is required. 
Email or visit the reference desk to reserve your spot.

Edible Engineering: Get creative this holiday season by designing, building, and decorating gingerbread-style houses out of graham crackers, frosting, and candy. Younger kids and anyone needing extra help must be accompanied by parent/ caregiver.
Kenyan Boys Choir

A Celebration of Gratitude:
Kenyan Boys Choir Performs

Saturday, November 25 - Town Hall Plaza - 1:30 to 3pm

The Town of San Anselmo invites you to join us in a Celebration of Gratitude hosted by Children For Change. The Ross Valley Children for Change Club is a child-led organization dedicated to helping others both locally and globally and who's members are making change for good!
The entire community is invited to join the party! There will be snacks, refreshments and an unforgettable performance by the acclaimed Kenyan Boys Choir.  The Choir has performed at the White House & shared the stage with musical guests such as Demi Lovato & Toni Bennett.  Be sure to bring blankets and some warm clothes and come cozy up and relish in the holiday cheer!

For more information go to 


Breakfast with Santa

Saturday, December 9 - Fire Station - 8am and 10am

Each year, the San Anselmo Recreation Department partners with the Ross Valley Fire Station to bring the popular Breakfast with Santa event to Fire Station #19 (777 San Anselmo Ave.). Don't forget your wish list and your camera as Santa will be in attendance. It wouldn't be Breakfast with Santa without him! There will also be a toy drive so be sure to bring a toy!

Seating is limited and we suggest people pre-register ($8/adults, $6/Under 12).
Seatings are at 8:00am and at 10:00am. 

For more information, please email us at
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