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February 16, 2018


Town Council News

At the February 13, 2018 Town Council meeting, Council took the following actions:

Approved minutes of January 23, 2018.

Acknowledged and filed warrants issued during the month of January 2018.

Approved resolution to authorize Town Manager to execute a Regulatory Agreement and Declaration of Restrictive Covenants with Marin Housing Authority and property owner for 2 units of low-income housing at 1 Lincoln Park.

Approved letter recommending modifications to SB 827 (2018 Wiener), which allows projects in areas with frequent bus service or near a major transit stop to be up to 85 feet tall and exempt from density, floor area ratio, and parking requirements. 

Approved the rate increase requested by Marin Sanitary Service (MSS) of 5.57% to be effective January 1, 2018. 

Received a presentation regarding rehabilitating approximately 1.4 miles of sanitary sewer in the Morningside and Butterfield neighborhoods in 2018. 

Received  a staff update on road repair project on The Alameda between Arroyo Avenue and Berkeley Avenue.

Approved a resolution adopting the 2017-2018 Mid-Year Budget Review.
Elders' Garden

Elders' Garden Work Party

There will be a work party in the Elders' Garden at Memorial Park on Saturday, February 17, starting at 9:30 AM.  Adults and children welcome.  This month we will be highlighting the new plant identification signs in the garden, more are planned in the future.  Come by and meet other volunteers while enjoying the garden and working with friends and neighbors.

Deed Restrictions Lifted for ADUs

The Town Council has paved the way for property owners to lift deed restrictions that preclude development of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The Town Council adopted new ADU regulations in 2017 that allow the Planning Director to lift deed restrictions that preclude construction of second units so that property owners may apply for units. If you have a deed restriction that precludes you from creating an Accessory Dwelling Unit you may have it lifted by contacting the Planning Department at (415) 258-4636 or We will need a copy of your deed with the current property owners and a legal description for the site.

Central Marin

CMPA Receives Achievement Award from Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Central Marin Police Authority is pleased to have been recognized by California's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) for the good work our officers performed under a 2016-2017 ABC grant. Each of the grant's goals and objectives were met or exceeded. We were particularly successful in two areas: combating thefts of alcohol from off-sale retail establishments, and enforcement of "shoulder tap" operations where adults purchase alcohol from retailers for minors. CMPA is committed to combating youth access to alcohol, addressing problematic ABC licensed establishments, and working with our local and state partners to address alcohol-related problems in our communities.



One of the complaints we hear often is regarding the condition of our roadway medians. The Town of San Anselmo has three major medians – Sir Francis Drake Boulevard (SFD) from Bolinas Avenue to the Hub, Red Hill Avenue from the Hub to Sequoia Drive, and Center Boulevard from Madrone Avenue to San Anselmo Avenue. All three medians are in need of improvements. The Department of Public Works is working on a Master Plan for the three medians with the goal of developing a comprehensive plan to install new irrigation, landscaping, trees, drainage and bioretention.

The Master Plan creates the vision for the medians to move forward to obtain funding, design, and ultimately construction. The medians have recently been identified in a Storm Water Resource Plan (SWRP) which helps make them grant-eligible for future funding. The medians are not only important aesthetically but could play an integral part in cleaning storm water runoff into our creeks, minimizing localized flooding (not regional flooding), and help to recharge groundwater if built correctly with bioswales and bioretention. This is also important to insure that the Town complies with current and future mandated storm water regulations.

Between potential grant sources, private donors, and other means of funding the Town is endeavoring to rehabilitate the medians and keep them as a beautiful asset in Town. The Median Master Plan is just one step in this direction and ultimately funding for not only construction but long term maintenance needs to be found.

Two community meetings were held on February 16 and October 12, 2017. The next meeting will be sometime in March or April 2018 to finalize the plan. For more information please visit:

Marin Villages

Age Friendly Fairfax Forum: Staying in Touch with Family & Friends

Friday, February 23, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Where: Fairfax Library, 2097 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Fairfax 

We all rely on phones and more a more on computers. What special challenges come with age and how do you go about getting technology you need if you have hearing, vision or mobility limitations? Join a communications and computer expert and a speaker from California Telephone Access Program; phones and devices will be on display.

Mt Tam
Town Hall Tower

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES - Service to Your Community Available Seats on Boards and Commissions

Arts Commission – The Arts Commission provides a structure to facilitate the creation of art in all disciplines in the community, promoting and exhibiting art and cultural works produced by Ross Valley artists, and promoting art education in the community and schools.  The Commission consists of eleven members, including youth members, and meets on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers.  There are four seats available.  Persons from the Ross Valley are encouraged to apply.
Capital Program Monitoring Committee – The purpose of this committee is to monitor the implementation of the Town’s capital improvement program, funded by the voter-approved Measure D one-half cent sales tax funds, as well as grant funding, Road Maintenance Fund monies, and General Fund monies. The committee’s charge is to issue an annual public report summarizing the progress of capital improvement projects funded by Measure D, as well as capital improvement projects funded by other sources of Town funding. The committee consists of seven members, representing a wide variety of the community, with a range of skills, knowledge and experience in the following areas:
•          Finance (preferably public finance)
•          Engineering and/or construction
•          Public relations and communication
•          Familiarity with various aspects of the San Anselmo Community
Two Councilmembers and two designated Town staff liaisons will serve in an advisory capacity only.  The Committee will meet as needed to review projects. There are three seats available.
Economic Development Committee – The  charge of the Economic Development Committee is to work with local businesses and the community at-large toward a vibrant and successful local economy that meets the needs of the business-owners, residents and visitors of San Anselmo.  The Committee has seven members and meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 8:45 a.m. in the Town Council Chambers.  There are three seats available.
Flood Committee – The charge of the Flood Committee is to serve as the Town’s expert representatives on flooding and storm water management issues, to become informed on the hydrologic conditions that affect flooding in San Anselmo, to evaluate possible solutions and to make recommendations to the Town Council.  Applicants are recruited from professionals in the fields of engineering, hydrology, flood control and other areas of expertise that relate to the control of storm water.  The committee consists of 7 members and meets on an as needed basis. There are two seats available.
Historical Commission
– The Hiatorical Commission was created to preserve the history of San Anselmo by means of research and the collection and organization of information, photographs and artifacts concerning the Town’s development.  The Commission consists of eleven members, including youth members and meets at 7:30 p.m. on the third Wednesdays of the month in the Historical Museum, located on the first floor of the Library.  There are two seats available.

Dog Park Steering Committee - The San Anselmo Dog Park Steering Committee exists to provide ongoing input to the Town of San Anselmo regarding the ongoing operation of the Red Hill Dog Park, and to serve in an advisory capacity to the Town regarding dog use issues at other Town parks. The Committee meetings every two months on the fourth Monday of the month at 5:00pm. There are two seats are available.

For more information or an application, please visit:
Applications for these openings should be submitted by Friday, March 2, 2018.

Presidents Day

Town Offices - Closed on Monday,

February 19, 2018 

Offices at Town Hall, the Recreation Department, and at  the Library will be closed on Monday, February 19, 2018 in recognition of Presidents Day.

While Town Hall offices are closed, the Police and Fire Departments are on-duty and in-touch with management staff to ensure quick and thorough response to any issue that may arise.

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Upcoming Public Meetings

Tuesday, 02/20/18- Parks and Recreation Commission - Council Chambers 7 p.m.
Wednesday, 02/21/18- Open Space Committee - Council Chambers 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday, 02/21/18- Historical Commission - Historical Museum 7 p.m.  

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