Friday, November 8, 2019
David P. Donery, Town Manager

Ford Greene and Steve Burdo

Town Council Election Results

Congratulations to incumbent Ford Greene for winning a fourth term on the San Anselmo Town Council and congratulations to longtime Parks & Recreation Commissioner Steve Burdo for being voted on to the Council to replace outgoing Council member and current Mayor, Matt Brown.


Council Considerations - Nov. 12th

The Town Council will consider the following items at next Tuesday's Council meeting:

-Hold a public hearing to consider adoption of an ordinance adopting the 2019 California Fire Code, with amendments.

-Hold a public hearing to consider adoption of an ordinance adopting by reference the 2019 California Construction Code, with amendments.
-Receive report from the Library Parcel Tax Oversight Committee on the 2018-19 Library Parcel Tax revenue and expenditures.
-Review Town Tree ordinance and provide direction for staff.
-Appeal Hearing Pursuant to San Anselmo Municipal Code section 4-13.07 – Appeal of Notice of Decision for Tree Removal Permit at 100 West Hillside Avenue, San Anselmo.
-Consider approval of funding for emergency battery back-up power for traffic signals.
-Hold a public hearing and introduce by title only and waive further reading of “An Ordinance of the Town Council of the Town of San Anselmo Amending Title 10 (Planning and Zoning), Chapter 3 (Zoning), Article 5 (Parking and Loading Regulations), Section 10-3.504(b)(3) and Chapter 6 (Accessory Dwelling Units), Articles 1-3 to Bring the Town Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations into Conformance With 2019 State Housing Bills.”
-Consider resolution approving the amended employment agreement with Town Manager David Donery.

Age Friendly San Anselmo logo

Age-Friendly Survey
Share Your Ideas and Comments

Age Friendly San Anselmo is collecting survey responses from residents of San Anselmo over the age of 55. Survey responses will help identify the needs of our community and guide the next steps for our Age Friendly Task Force.
To take the short survey please visit:
Hard copies of the survey have been mailed to all residents of San Anselmo over the age of 55 and are also available at the Isabel Cook Community Center, Library, and Town Hall. We kindly ask all responses be submitted before Thanksgiving Day, 11/28/2019.
If you would like to request a hard copy survey or have any questions, please e-mail Kevin MacLeod at

Open Space
Solar + Batteries Class
Meeting Notice
Marin Commutes

It's Rewarding To Commute Green!

From October 7th – November 17th, 2019 you can win prizes when you log your green commute trips on Marin Commutes. Easily log trips, including bus and train rides, biking, walking, carpooling, and riding the ferry, and you'll be automatically entered to win weekly prizes. Top performers compete for $250 gift cards. Commuters have a chance to compete to see who can log the most trips and reduce the most emissions. It's a win-win for participants and Marin County commuters as Marin gets on the road to cleaner air and less traffic congestion. Here's what you need to know:

People that use commute alternatives have been shown in studies to arrive to work less stressed, to take fewer sick days, and to experience higher job satisfaction than those driving alone every day and fighting traffic.  Encouraging the use of commute alternatives is a benefit for employees, employers and our community.
Marin Commutes is committed to increasing awareness of commute options and programs in Marin County, and encouraging people to give them a try. With TAM programs like the Emergency Ride Home Program, Discounted Lyft Shared Rides, and the Vanpool Incentive Program, most everyone should be able to find something that works for them.  Whether it’s by bus, bike, train, ferry, sharing the ride, or using your own feet, there are lots of options for every type of commuter right here in Marin County. 
It’s rewarding to commute green!

Fire Truck
November 19 Event

FireSafe Marin Workshop

There are two new FIRESafe MARIN workshops happening on November 19th at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael that will focus on delivering the most up-to-date knowledge on hardening homes for wildfire. In partnership with CSAA Insurance Group (a AAA insurer), FIRESafe MARIN and lead instructor Dr. Steve Quarles will bring home-hardening concepts to both homeowners and building industry professionals. Each workshop is designed and taught by leading experts in the field of WILDFIRE, HOME-HARDENING and BUILDING SCIENCE and will include a live fire demonstration (fire resistant vs ordinary construction) and a “manufacturers showcase” displaying fire resistant building materials.


          11-19-2019 1:00 pm
           Embassy Suites, San Rafael

          11-19-2019 5:00 pm
          Embassy Suites, San Rafael

*Workshop is FREE and donations welcome.
**Suggested $150 donation to table/vendor.
***Sponsorship opportunities are available. Inquire at
Any questions, please contact Jen Gauna at 415.473.6159

Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

With fall here, the Public Works Department would like to remind all residents to keep curb areas free of leaves and other debris.  It’s easy to get rid of once it’s picked up – our garbage company provides pickup of yard waste in cans or boxes for all customers.
Please don’t just rake leaves into your curb area, hoping that the street sweeper will come by and pick them up.  The sweeper can’t cover the entire town, and leaves left in curb areas will clog drains quickly when winter rains arrive.
A link to the current street sweeping schedule is located here:
And, as a reminder, the Town has an ordinance that limits the use of motorized leaf blowers to Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Residents, who pick up their leaves, keep an eye on neighborhood drains and clear clogs during storms will help to keep winter storm water flowing where it’s supposed to be.

San Anselmo

Winter Preparedness

Winter is just around the corner and now is a good time to get prepared for winter storms. The Town website has a lot of good information about winter preparedness. Please visit the following link for this information:
Here are some tips for getting your home ready for winter weather:
Check Your Furnace
If your home has a forced air heating system, have it inspected by a licensed heating contractor or by PG&E, which offers free furnace inspections and pilot relights to its customers. A thorough inspection will include checking for potentially hazardous conditions that can occur as heating equipment ages, as well as ensuring that the unit and ductwork are operating as efficiently as possible. The furnace filter should also be replaced at this time.
Dryer Ducts
This is also a good time to inspect and clean the clothes dryer duct of lint and other debris, which should be done at least once a year. A clean dryer duct will significantly reduce the risk of fire while decreasing the energy and time needed to dry your clothes.
Weather stripping
Inspecting and repairing the weather stripping on your doors and windows will ensure that the warm air inside stays inside as long as possible. Sealing cracks and crevices around the exterior walls and ceilings with caulk and/or spray foam sealant will also reduce heating bills by preventing heat loss to the exterior. For more information on ways to improve your homes energy efficiency contact a certified energy consultant or the San Anselmo Building Division.
Rain, Drains, and Gutters
Along with winter comes the rain, which means it's time to clean the roof gutters and ensure that they drain into an approved storm drainage system. We receive numerous calls from Town residents each year shortly after the first significant rains of the season concerning water runoff in places it shouldn't be. Besides the mess, sediment laden runoff water can cause damage to adjacent properties and to the environment. So please have your storm drains inspected by a landscape or plumbing contractor to ensure proper functioning.
If you currently have a renovation project underway that has affected the grade around your home, please call the Building Division (415-258-4616) as soon as possible and we will gladly assist you in complying with the Town's jobsite winterization requirements.


Overnight Parking

The San Anselmo Municipal Code prohibits overnight parking on the Town’s streets and roadways.  The rule is that no person may park a vehicle on any street for a period of time longer than 30 minutes between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. of any day.
The overnight parking ordinance was enacted with considerable resident input to protect our citizens, as well as to maintain the aesthetics of the community.  Many of our streets are very narrow and winding, and were not intended for current levels of traffic.  The ordinance allows traffic to flow smoothly and helps to ensure clearance for emergency vehicles, such as fire engines, paramedics and police vehicles.
Another benefit of the overnight parking ordinance is crime prevention.  Cars that do not belong in a particular area become more visible to our officers on patrol. This has netted the Police Department arrests of criminals who otherwise might have gone unnoticed parked amongst other vehicles. 
Lastly, the overnight parking ordinance enhances the aesthetics of our community by keeping the streets uncluttered, helping to maintain home values and enhancing the quality of life for all those who live and traverse our Town.
If you have a friend or relative visiting for a week, or have a hardship situation, you can request a parking permit or exemption through the Central Marin Police Authority at our downtown station, 525 San Anselmo Avenue.  For more information, go to

Historic Stroll

Boards and Commission Seats Available

Capital Program Monitoring Committee – The purpose of the committee is to monitor the implementation of the Town’s capital improvement program, funded by the voter-approved Measure D one-half cent sales tax funds, as well as grant funding, Road Maintenance Fund monies, and General Fund monies. The committee’s charge is to issue an annual public report summarizing the progress of capital improvement projects funded by Measure D, as well as capital improvement projects funded by other sources of Town funding. The committee consists of seven members, representing a wide variety of the community, with a range of skills, knowledge and experience in the following areas:
•          Finance (preferably public finance)
•          Engineering and/or construction
•          Public relations and communication
•          Familiarity with various aspects of the San Anselmo Community
Two Councilmembers and two designated Town staff liaisons will serve in an advisory capacity only.  The Committee will meet as needed to review projects. There is one seat available.

Economic Development Committee - 
The Committee’s charge is to work with local businesses and the community at large toward a vibrant and successful local economy that meets the needs of the residents and visitors of San Anselmo.  The Committee has seven members and meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 8:45 a.m. in the Town Council Chambers.  There are 2 seats available.

Library Parcel Tax Oversight Committee - The purpose of the oversight committee is to ensure transparency and accountability to the voters by reviewing the collection and expenditure of Library tax revenues.  The group meets twice a year to review the library budget. There are two seats available.  

Parks & Recreation Commission – The Commission advises the Council and the Parks & Recreation staff on the planning of the recreation activities, the development of Town parks and management of public lands. The Commission consists of seven members, including one youth member and meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Council Chambers. There are two seats available. 

Tax Equity Board – The Board is charged with hearing applications for tax rebate from San Anselmo property owners claiming inability to pay the Town’s Municipal Services Tax and Pension Override Tax.  The Board consists of three members and meets once a year in the spring.  There is one seat available.

To apply, please go here:

Imagination Park

Upcoming Public Meetings

Tuesday, 11/12 - Economic Development Committee - 8:45am, Council Chambers
Tuesday, 11/12 - Town Council - 7:00pm, Council Chambers
Wednesday, 11/13 - Fire Board - 6:30pm, Fire Station 19
Thursday, 11/14 - Library Advisory Board - 4:30pm, Library

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