What is required for my kitchen and/or bathroom remodel permit?

1. Existing and proposed floor plan with dimensions about the remodeled area. Partial floor plan is allowed, but plan must show adjacent rooms/areas. Show all the proposed work on the plan. Call out any appliances or fixtures to be removed or replaced. For new water fixtures, please complete the Town’s Water Conservation form, available on the Forms page

2. If walls are being demolished, then show the existing framing layout to determine if the wall is bearing or non-bearing. Engineering may be required if the walls are bearing.

3. The plans must meet 2022 California Residential Code (CRC), 2022 California Mechanical Code (CMC), 2022 California Electrical Code (CEC), 2022 California Plumbing Code (CPC), 2022 California Energy Code (CEnC), 2022 California Green Building Standards Code (CalGreen), and the California Civil Code. Contact the Building inspector for any questions or additional information, including requirements for new/altered plumbing (water, sewer, or gas lines) or mechanical (exhaust hood).

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1. How do I get a copy of my plans?

If you want a copy of plans on file with the Town you need to complete this affidavit, get it notarized, submit it to the Building Department and then they will reach out to the design professional to complete this form.

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3. What is required for my kitchen and/or bathroom remodel permit?
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